The Discipleship Pathway

Becoming a disciple that makes disciples

Discover your God-given potential

Within every apple seed is the potential not only to plant one apple tree, but fill an entire planet with apple trees. In the same way, within every follower of Jesus is the potential to fill the entire planet with disciples.

On the DISCIPLESHIP PATHWAY course, participants join a community over 8 weeks, on an adventure of discovering what it truly means to be a disciple of Jesus. They catch a God-given vision for their life, family, friends and communities and learn simple tools to help others become disciples too.

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The Discipleship Pathway

Discipleship Pathway Online Videos

From RightNow Media

As every nation endures changes, crises, and catastrophes in uncertain times, we don’t just need people to go to church. We need the church to go to the world. Jesus sent His disciples – and He’s sending us – to make disciples of others. But where, and how, do we begin? Join Anthony Delaney, ex-cop turned pastor, on the Discipleship Pathway, a six-step journey of discovery, deliverance, devotion, development, and deployment. No matter where you are, you can invite others to join you in walking the pathway as followers of Jesus.

Knowing Growing Going

Becoming who God made you to be

How a relationship with God changes everything

Who is God? Who am I? What am I here for? What’s the best way to live? These are all questions we have asked in different ways throughout our lives - maybe coming up with different answers every time. The change and turmoil of the last few years has made many ask these questions again.

The KNOWING GROWING GOING course is a three week journey to answer the biggest questions of life and discover how a personal relationship with Jesus changes everything. The course can be done individually or in groups using online videos and course books. We’ve put together these transformational discipleship resources to use in your church, home groups and community.

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Multiply New Churches

Start and Multiply New Churches

Becoming part of a new move of God

The New Testament has two words for new; neos “the latest thing” and kainos, “the brand new, startling and unexpected”. Step into the latter as we plant NEW churches in new ways to help new people find him. Those who join our MULTIPLY NEW CHURCHES training cohorts learn to start, sustain and multiply NEW healthy disciple-multiplying churches; going beyond inspiration or instruction into implementation and impact, coached and commissioned by global movement leaders.

Multiply Churches is an 8 week Online Training, with ongoing coaching from apostolic leaders for your team before a Commissioning Day in person in Manchester.

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Future Church Podcast

Anthony Delaney unpacks the future thinking of practical and prophetic voices in church, leadership and culture to help us perceive and respond to the new reformation revolution we are living through.