The frontiers of the kingdom of God were never advanced by men and women of caution.
J. Oswald Sanders

As the world continues to reel from crisis to crisis, as the Church in the west battles indifference, irrelevance or infighting, we must shift focus to seek FIRST the King and the Kingdom.

Everything around us tells leaders, ‘just hold on,’ or even ‘shrink back,’ but we believe the word of our King to us is, ‘press on’, ‘move forward’ and even ‘expand!’.

We are modelling that in faith by going North and South in 2023.

Experience LAUNCH

LAUNCH has an excellent track record established over eight years in Manchester, to bring a prophetic edge with powerful encounter to energise and equip you and your team for what’s now and next.

We have been challenged to expand our vision and serve even more leaders as we:

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...a Kingdom culture to multiply your influence, your reach or your church.

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...with global church leaders, forming apostolic networks with Kingdom entrepreneurs.

Commissioned Icon a world-class international faculty bringing inspirational keynotes and practical application in seminars.

Anthony Delaney speaking at LAUNCH 2019Seminars at LAUNCHThe worship band at LAUNCH

Speaking Team Includes

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Save 50% as Individuals and up to 65% as Teams.
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£39 each
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Day 1

Registration 09:00
Morning Seminars 10:00
Lunch 12:30
Afternoon Sessions and Seminars  13:45
Dinner 17:00
Evening Session 19:00
Day 1 Ends 21:00

Day 2

Morning Session & Seminars 09:00
Lunch 12:00
Afternoon Sessions & Seminars 13:45
Day 2 Ends 17:00
Danielle Strickland, Boundless, Canada
I think there’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of a church because I believe that God is doing something new in our time. I can’t think of a better way or place to do that than here at LAUNCH.
Danielle Strickland
Boundless, Canada
Bishop Oscar Muriu, Nairobi Chapel, Kenya
The challenge of leadership in the church continues to morph and change at a very high rate. The world is changing rapidly and it’s necessary to get together with others who have been there, or are going to be there. Those who are thinking in new ways, are trying new models.
Bishop Oscar Muriu
Nairobi Chapel, Kenya
Ness Wilson, Pioneer Network, UK
To multiply out the God given gifts that are in you and see that happen in other people is the very best way to spend our lives.
Ness Wilson
Pioneer Network, UK
Dr James Emery White, Mecklenberg Church, USA
They’re asking the right questions, I think they’re trying to bring the right answers to bear on it. So if you in any way can be involved in the next one, if you haven’t been involved in this - you’re going to want to.
Dr James Emery White
Mecklenberg Church, USA
Revd Dr Kate Coleman, Next Leadership, UK
Understand(ing) the need to really engage together, to recognise that we are part of what God is doing and to break some of those boundaries and barriers that have been really difficult to break. What needs to be different?
Revd Dr Kate Coleman
Next Leadership, UK
Chris Goulard, Saddleback Church, USA
If we can awaken the church to what it’s called to do I think we can change the world a lot more quickly than what we are seeing now.
Chris Goulard
Saddleback Church, USA


We’re looking for volunteer team members to apply to help make the events happen and play their part in serving healthy Kingdom multiplication.

Future Church Podcast

Anthony Delaney unpacks the future thinking of practical and prophetic voices in church, leadership and culture to help us perceive and respond to the new reformation revolution we are living through.